Research and Grant Writing

Governance's Mission is simple.

Whether it be issue research, best practices, public opinion polling, Governance Research will get answers to your questions, allowing you to make well informed decisions. This service, combined with thorough grant writing and submission can result in success for your organization.

Governance Research and Grant Writing Division is directed by Mike Wallace. Dr. Wallace holds a PhD in Communications from Florida State University and has over twenty years of experience in the research and grant writing fields.

Governance specializes in grant identification and submission assistance for local governments, quasi governmental agencies and non-profits.

Public Opinion Polling

Governance Research provides public opinion polling to assist you on finding answers on issues or questions of public policy.

We specialize in Resident Opinion Surveys, allowing government organizations or companies to analyze the opinions of the citizens, members, or shareholders.

Issue Research and Best Practices

Governance Research offers comprehensive research on public policy issues. We also maintain an exhaustive library of best practices, allowing our clients to benefit from the previous success of like minded organizations.

Grant Writing

Governance can assist you in obtaining Federal and State grants. Our staff has extensive experience in researching grant opportunities, as well as writing and submitting the grant application.

On Call Consulting

Governance provides on call consulting to Governments and quasi governmental agencies. With a network of over 100 on call professionals, with decades of governmental experience in their fields, Governance can meet your short term staffing or consulting needs.

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