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Governance's Mission is simple; bringing solutions to local governments.

Governance, Incorporated, was formed in 1999 as a resource company for local governments across the state of Florida. As President of the Florida League of Cities, Scott Maddox traveled to every city in the state of Florida on the Mayor on the Move Tour – meeting with elected and appointed officials across the state. The relationships formed on that tour have been invaluable – and as such - The initial mission of Governance was simple. To provide private sector solutions to those cities, as well as counties, school districts, and local government authorities in the state of Florida.

Since that time Governance has expanded, adding professionals, and offering services throughout the southeast.

Governance's board of directors includes Senator Mallory Horne, the only man this century to have served as both Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and President of the Florida Senate. Senator Horne has also served as Chairman of the Constitutional Revision Commission, Legislative Director to the Governor, General Counsel for the Dept of Agriculture, General Counsel for the Florida Senate, and Chairman of the Public Employees Relations Commission.

Also serving on the board is Senator George Firestone. Senator Firestone served in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate, as well as multiple terms as Florida’s Secretary of State.

Another member of the board is Mayor Clarence Anthony. Mayor Anthony has served as president of the Florida League of Cities as well as the National League of Cities and Vice President of International Union of Local Authorities.

With Governance’s vast public policy experience we offer resources to local governments, such as consulting services, training, an informational website containing best practices from around the globe, and an annual banquet recognizing excellence in government.

We specifically seek out private sector clients that offer innovative solutions to local government challenges – and we are the one firm that can offer the ability to market those solutions to all of Florida’s local governments.

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